Focus-Grow Bookkeepers, your in-house accountants.


“Terry is one of the best bookkeepers that I have associates with. She works with many of my clients and always performs at high level, and deliveries quality products. She also looks out for the best interest of her clients and I feel very confident about her works. She makes my tax season so much easier. I value our working relationship very much. ”

-- Walter Louie CPA, Owner, Walter Louie & Associates (11/2012)

“Terry and I have a few mutual clients. She not only is competent, she is easy to work with. She has a degree in accounting and 7 years working experience in a small CPA firm. Because of this, Terry knows both accounting concepts and tax consequences. For example, she understood that a sole-proprietor does not get salary which reduces business income. Money taken out is treated as owner draw, which reduces owner equity. Her books are clean and accurate.
With 5 years of Quickbooks Certification under her belt, at gold level, Terry knows the nuts and bolts of Quickbooks and is very efficient with the software. Terry’s fees are extremely reasonable, and I especially like the fact that she is flexible and takes new clients. ”

-- Andy Daly CPA, Peckler, Kolling & Woodul LLP (11/2012)

“ Terry Chong, owner of Focus-Grow Bookkeeping, is very skilled at what she does and very responsive whenever there are questions. Terry is also absolutely reliable in terms of delivering on her promises in terms of both quality work and timely completion of work.  Personally, I have learned better ways to handle some of my business matters for both the job that I have that connects with Terry as our bookkeeper, and in operating my husband's medical practice.  Terry has been a joy to work with. ”

-- Patricia Clark, Executive Admin, International Women’s Forum – Northern California (11/2012)

“I run a web development firm here in San Francisco. I have been working with Terry since 2006. She has been a big help.
She is very accurate, timely and not afraid to let you know when something is wrong with your books. Her knowledge goes beyond simple bookkeeping and extends to Quickbooks and a good understanding of taxes. She even referred me to my current accountant and lawyer, both who are consummate professionals in their own right.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Focus-Grow to others that are looking for an honest, hardworking and dependable bookkeeping company. ”

-- Tom Tsatsos, Managing Member, Number 10 LLC (9/2011)

“Terry is one of the best bookkeepers that I have known. She is very thorough, efficient, reliable and friendly. I feel very comfortable with the quality of her work as well as her character.”

-- Walter Louie, CPA, Partner, Richard O Cross & Associates (2007)

“Terry has been working with me for over 2 years and has played a very helpful and supportive role in the growth of my business. She is competent, reliable, detail-oriented, and responsive. Terry will go to great lengths to research and answer all complicated tax questions. I can't thank her enough for all her help and enthusiasm.”

-- Brian Sadigursky, Managing Member, Little Star Pizza, LLC (2007)

“Terry Chong has been instrumental in helping us grow our business. She brings not only keen financial acumen, but also a network of financing options that is necessary for any new or growing business.
Since working with Terry, we have been able to better track our most important data, and were able to have a financial dashboard that tracks our daily fiscal health. Terry contributes greatly to our business; even during off hours I get emails from her with new and exciting ideas to pursue.

Focus-Grow really means that. Terry follows up on my business. Without her constant vigilance, consummate professionalism and financial radar, we would not be able to grow as much as we have this year.

I would very much recommend Focus-Grow and Terry Chong to be part of your team.”

-- John E. Scannell, President & CEO, Bay Quackers, LLC (2007)

“Dear Terry,

Thank you so much for all your help with my accounting! I really appreciate your attention to detail and patience in teaching me how to manage my own bookkeeping. Also, you continue to give me advice and tips that are specific for my business. This is wonderful!
Your service has been invaluable to me and I will continue to call you whenever I need help and recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks again for all your help!”

-- Gina Faiola, Founder of Lunch-In and Crutch Cozies, LLC (2007)

“We have been working with Terry Chong for the past two years, from the beginning of our use of QuickBooks to the more detailed expansion as the business grew. She is not only trustworthy and reliable; she is extremely accurate in managing our accounting needs.
Terry brings:
  • Thorough knowledge of advanced QuickBooks features
  • Key understanding of Profit & Loss and other critical reports
  • Professionalism in all interactions
  • Organizational skills that pass to the client
  • Flexibility to work around clients needs
I would highly recommend her to individuals and organizations with QuickBooks and accounting needs from basic to advanced.”

-- Jay Zalewski, LLC Member, Arete Investments, LLC (2007)

“Terry came to us through the recommendation from our tax accountant last year. We have been very pleased and delighted by the professional bookkeeping work she has provided. The three qualities we appreciate most are her professional expertise, integrity and care. Terry is quite punctual and efficient with her time. She demonstrates her passion for her work and care for her clients. She notified us several times on where we were over spending on finance charges, and helped us brainstorm ways to reduce expenses. She helps us with invoicing and keeping our financial records clean, which allows us to file our taxes in a timely manner. Terry Chong and her bookkeeping service come highly recommended by us.”

-- Hung Nguyen & Leng Lim, LLC Members, Know Thy Heart, LLC (2007)