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Rates and Contact

Working with each new client, the initial phase is always challenging -- for each client is different; i.e. they do things differently, they have different set-ups, they think differently. Our first task is to seek to understand their operations and their preferences. We adopt as much of their practices as possible. We try to support / collaborate with each client.

We have seen many errors on Quickbooks files – a high 80+ percent of Quickbooks files require some clean-up. Once we understand the operations and have the historical facts, we then fix the errors, clean up the book to arrive to a good starting point, which normally is based on the most recent tax returns. Then, we put the right set-up and workflow to ease ongoing regular bookkeeping tasks. Once we have it all figured out, we document the workflow so that it is easy to follow.

The initial phase is a one-time job and is challenging. Terry as the principal prefers to tackle the clean-up and set-up tasks herself. It can take 3 to 5 months. Once everything goes smoothly and the books are brought up-to-date, Terry transitions the job to one of her team, who from then on is dedicated to assist the client most of the times.

Rates for new clients:

  • Terry: $65/hour

  • Our team-member: $45/hour

(Please note: We DO NOT take consulting type of job for the result is not satisfactory. We only work with long-term, regular clients on ongoing basis. It could be one-full-day a month, twice a month, etc. We think clients' time is best spent on what they do best which yields the highest returns.)


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Please note: We support Quickbook DESKTOP only for it is ROBUST. We DO NOT recommend nor support Quickbooks Online or any online software. We would be happy to help convert your Quickbooks Online back to desktop. Quickbooks Pro retails at about $250 is suffice 90% of the time. You can use it forever if you do not use any online feature such as payroll or bank feed. If you use any online feature, Intuit; the maker of Quickbooks will support each version up to 3 years only.