Focus-Grow Bookkeepers, your in-house accountants.

Focus-Grow Bookkeepers work with small businesses in San Francisco. We work at your site serving as your in-house accountants. We take care of all the regular bookkeeping tasks; such as invoicing clients on completed jobs or at the end of each month, paying vendors by due dates, paying employees and submitting payroll taxes to I.R.S or E.D.D, entering bank and credit card charges, reconciling to bank and credit card statements and generate monthly financial reports. Pretty much you name it, we do it. The scope of work is all depends on your needs and budget.

We work with architects and contractors regularly. We are familiar with design phases and construction phases and other issues such as union benefits, worker comp, waivers, certified payroll reporting on Elation, percentage-of-completion method, job costing and job reports.

Clients we work with:

  • are located in San Francisco.
  • has 2 to 15 employees.
  • need a bookkeeper to take care of ALL financial matters on REGULAR basis; i.e. weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
  • understand that finance is the 3 rd leg of a business besides operations and marketing, hence IS important.

Let us help you with financial matters, so that you can focus on running and growing your business.

(Please note: We DO NOT take consulting type of job for the result is not satisfactory. We like hands-on, REGULAR work. We work with long-term, regular clients only. Thank you for your understanding.)