Focus-Grow Bookkeepers, your in-house accountants.

Focus-Grow Bookkeepers provide bookkeeping services to small businesses in San Francisco. We are accounting graduates with solid foundation on accounting concepts and will not mess up your books. We work on your sites serving as your in-house accountants. We take care of all financial matters: Accounts Receivable (billing clients for works done and products delivered, keeping track of past-due invoices, process payments), Accounts payables (pay your vendors on time while managing your cash flow), bank and credit card reconciliations and generate timely and accurate monthly financial reports which give you good information on your performance and financial situation.

We like to work local and on regular basis; i.e. weekly, bi-weekly, monthly. We are small and agile. Since we do not have much overheads, it allows us to price for great values.

Our target clients are established small businesses who have a quarter million to six million dollar in sales, a formal office space and two to fifteen employees.

We also like offsite (done at our office) compilation work. In this case, clients take care of all the daily tasks of invoicing and bills paying. At the end of the month / quarter, clients send in check stubs, bank and credit card statements. We compile the data and generate financial reports which show your performance.

We work extensively with contractors and architects. We are familiar with America Contractor software and construction specific issues such as percentage-of-completion method, job costing, certified payroll, union benefits, worker compensation, waivers and etc.

We have a vision that some days we will be so well known for quality and integrity that any business looking for bookkeeping services will not have to look elsewhere. We have a passion that any accounting graduate will find our work professionally challenging and financially rewarding and will be happy to join our team.

Every successful business owner knows that he/she has three major functions to cover; operations, marketing and finance. Let us help you with financial matters, so that you can focus on operations and marketing while you grow your business.

Please note: We are wary of set-up and coaching type of works. Financial is the third leg of a business. A session or two of Q&As will not produce much result, and do not compensate for our time and skill. For that, we apologize that we are interested in established small businesses only with a budget of $300 - $400 a day. If you have annual sales of $1 million, 1 day a week is suffice. Lesser than that, one or two days a month will probably do.